Protech® Micro

The products of the PROTECH MICRO range are complex microgranulated fertilizers, with a granulometry of 0.7 to 1.3 mm, which provide the necessary elements that the plant needs at the time of sowing, favoring rapid germination and implantation of the crop (STARTER effect).
Protech micro
The composition of nutrients in quickly assimilated forms, as well as the presence of secondary elements and micronutrients, favor the rapid implantation of the crop. The application of the microgranules in contact with the rhizosphere, facilitates the absorption of phosphorus by the plants, having an energy saving due to the low mobility of phosphorus (with the use of non-localized conventional fertilizers).
The fact that it can be applied together with the seed simplifies the fertilization tasks, allowing also to locate the fertilizer in the line of sowing very close to the roots, so that the plant has very close the necessary nutrients for its initial development. In addition, as it is in the form of a microgranule, it facilitates the transport, storage and handling of the product.
Being applied in the form of microgranules, it increases the contact surface of the fertilizer with the soil, since 5 grams of a traditional fertilizer are equivalent to 75-80 grams of microgranulated fertilizer, obtaining also a better distribution of the fertilizer on the plot.
It is also important to emphasize that the excess of microelements is harmful, so a small amount incorporated in the fertilizer should arrive to correct certain deficiencies or needs of the crop.
Protech micro 2


Ultra localized application of nutrients

Excellent germination and implantation of the crop

Joint application of seed + fertilizer

MICRO technology allows for maximum fertilizer + soil + root contact

The location in the planting line favors efficiency

Allows fertilizing with fewer applications



EC fertilizer – NP complex fertilizer (MG-S) 10.35 (2-12) with Zinc

Declared content

10% Nitrogen (N) Total

10% Nitrogen (N) Ammonia

35% Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)

(sol. neutral ammonium citrate and water)

30% Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) water-soluble

2% Magnesium Oxide (MgO) water-soluble
12% Sulfur Trioxide (SO3) water-soluble

2% Zinc (Zn) Total